Presentation Title: Everything you Need to Know About the Oracle 12c Grid Infrastructure Management Repository (GIMR)
Speaker: Ms Ankita Khandelwal
Company: Oracle
Presentation abstract: The Grid Infrastructure Management Repository (GIMR) also known as MGMTDB was introduced in Oracle 12c / Rel. 1. It is now a mandatory part of the Oracle Grid Infrastructure and Oracle RAC Database deployments. Learn about this new data management repository how it is being used by existing and new and existing Oracle 12c / Rel. 2 features including, Cluster Health Management, Rapid Homes Provisioning, QoS Management, Cluster Health Advisor, Cluster Activity Log, It well discuss best practices installation and management strategies including local and remote deployments using the new Cluster Domain and Domain Services Cluster to host a centralized GIMR, data file relocation and EM Cloud Control interaction. Finally it will cover common customer issues and solutions.
Presentation begins: 04/12/2016 17:10
Presentation duration: 50
Presentation content level: 2 (1 = indepth, 5 = strategic overview)
Audience experience: Intermediate
Audience function: Product Expert, Product User
Speaker biography: 
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Hall: Executive Room 1

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